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The TR3800 smart sensor is a slim attractive wall mounted temperature sensor with a very unique feature. It has a tiny fan that draws air in from the bottom of the housing over the sensor and discharges through the top. The fan is located at the top of the housing and draws air through an inlet plenum. The sensor is located at the bottom of the housing in the inlet plenum. The fan also draws air from the electronics section to remove heat.

The TR3840 smart sensor is similar to the TR3800 sensor except it has a 2 x 16 character LCD display and four pushbuttons. These are located behind a door with a viewing aperture for the display. The pushbuttons are Raise and Lower for setpoint adjustment, Select pushbutton to enable functions and a System On/Off pushbutton to turn the Air Conditioning System on and off when ever that function is enabled.

The TR3700 smart sensor is similar to the TR3800 except that is has a humidity sensor on board as well as the temperature sensor.

The TR3740 is similar to the TR3840 with the addition of the humidity sensor and has the display and pushbuttons.

All of the above sensors operate on a two wire non polarised connection to the TC5044 controller. Power and communications are supplied over the one pair of wires. Up to four sensors, including one TR3840 sensor can be connected to the same pair of non polarised wires. The controller will recognise how many are connected and average the sensors.

The TR3501 fan sensor is similar in appearance to the TR3800, however it is a three wire connection. This enables the sensor to be used with other controllers and systems. The sensor is a 10k thermistor resistance sensor and the power for the fan can be from 6-24V AC/DC.