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The ET46 Standalone Temperature Controller is a direct replacement for the ET45 with a number of updated unique features including our universal power supply which enables the controller to operate over the range of 18 – 265V AC/DC.

The controller can operate with either existing 2K or standard 10K thermistor sensors. The temperature can also be measured at the controller with a voltmeter. An output voltage of 0-5vdc corresponding to 0-50C is available at terminal 6. All our standard remote setpoints will still operate with the controller, again DIP switch selectable.

There are three 0-10vdc analogue outputs available, one reverse acting on terminal 7 and two direct acting on terminals 8 & 9. The analogue outputs are short circuit proof for low voltages. They will even protect against 24vac connected to them. The output will open circuit under fault conditions and will reset when the fault is removed.

The controller has four relay outputs, which are configured as two heat & two cool or as two stage reverse cycle via dip switch settings. Relay 1 is a SPCO contact and Relays 2, 3 & 4 are SPNO contacts. The relays are rated at 5A 250VAC.There are 4 blue relay status LED’s on the front panel.

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