Based in Sydney Australia, Regulator Automation designs, manufactures and services the HVAC market in Australia. Regulator is continually looking to the future, developing new product and systems, including innovative features and inter-operability with other control systems. This is done by standardised communications protocol ANSI/ASHRAE 135-2016 BACnet, so as to bring to the Australian HVAC market, control products and systems of a world class design. All our Regulator products are backed by a two year warranty.


Regulator Australia Pty Ltd – trading as Regulator Electronic Controls – was incorporated in April 1974, initially importing a range of Swedish made controls. These weren’t entirely suitable for the diverse Australian climate and were more biased towards heating. To overcome these limitations, Regulator began designing and manufacturing its own range of control systems in 1977. The company has been actively designing, manufacturing, selling, installing and servicing electronic control systems for the HVAC industry ever since.

Over the past four decades Regulator have developed an extensive range of reliable Control Products with many innovative design features. These include a range of Smart sensors, setpoints, PAC unit controllers, temperature controllers, VAV controllers and digital Universal controllers to suit many varying HVAC applications. These have been designed as stand-alone and networkable controllers.