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The TC5044 is a standalone Universal Programmable Controller with over 40 Pre-programmed Menu’s for Air Conditioning and other HVAC applications such as Carpark CO, Room CO2, Pressure Control, Humidity Control. The default menu is 001 for 2 stage Reverse Cycle.

Any of the pre-set parameters of the program can be changed, e.g.: proportional bands, differentials, PWM rates, PI & PID functions, etc.

The TC5044 controller will recognise all the existing Regulator sensors and setpoints plus 1K NTC, 1K Nickel and 1K Platinum sensors with the default sensors being the 10K NTC thermistor or Regulator Smart Sensors.

Timeclock functions can be used on Menu 25 or 26 (Fan Modes). Timeclock is programmed with pre set standard Holiday periods.

The controller is housed in a 4 DIN module 70 x 88 x 62 mm enclosure and comes with its own DIN rail mount or can be mounted on a standard DIN mounting rail.

Question 1

What voltage does the controller accept?

Answer 1

The controller can be powered with 18 - 265V AC/DC. The Relays can also be powered with the same supply voltage or their own separate voltage.


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