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By connecting to Distech Controls Building Management System, my PERSONIFY Workplace app provides employees control over their workplace so they can comfortably do their best work.

Employees will benefit from:

  • Localization: use the app to find your meeting room and follow the directions.
  • Comfort Management: change your comfort parameters on-demand and have preferences automatically applied over time.
  • Room booking: find and book meeting rooms on-the-go.
  • News: stay tuned with any Twitter page or RSS feed.
  • Contact: access your company’s contacts at any time.
  • Ticketing system: take a picture and report an incident in the building to the Facility Manager.
  • Together: socialize with your team members, organise or attend group event (sport, brainstorming, lunch).


  • Communicate with the EC-multi-Sensor-BLE via BLE.
  • Intuitive interface: all control screens have been designed with the occupant in mind, making this app easy to use, regardless of one’s technical skillset.
  • Customizable: the color, the icons and services inside the app can be customized to suit the building’s requirements.
  • Requires Microsoft Office 365.
  • Use Web View to integrate additional services and webpages that are not embedded in the mobile application.
  • Different secured connection modes provide a tailored user experience for various use cases.


  • Occupants will enjoy having control over their workplace from an intuitive tool that follows their needs during the entire workday.
  • Benefit from enhanced flexibility and convenience by having more control over the comfort parameters in the space they occupy, from a single and convivial device.
  • Integrators will appreciate its easy web configuration interface for the commissioning and configuration of the app.
  • Building owners will have access to an app with predefined services that they can personalize to suit their building and employee’s needs. By incorporating modern technologies, the app will also be able to handle any changes in buildings.
  • Facility Managers will benefit from the ticketing system to increase the productivity of the building, as spaces will always be used.
  • IT professionals will appreciate the Microsoft Office 365 user login system as it is easy to integrate into existing IT architectures and compatible with the cybersecurity requirements.