Regulator Automation offers a comprehensive list of HVAC control and sensor options to provide reliable products for the Air Conditioning , Ventilation and other controlling  environments that are commonly used in the HVAC industry in Australia and New Zealand . Our Regulator branded products are Manufactured in our Sydney facility to the highest quality standards and are all backed by our Two (2) Year Warranty.

We have 45 years of experience in designing & manufacturing Control systems for the Australian HVAC market . Our philosophy is to design Controls and affiliated devices for usability , cost effective solutions and longevity in the service field.

We use as many re-cyclable materials in our manufacturing and packaging of products that is feasibly possible in our industry.

The TR3800 smart sensor is a slim attractive wall mounted temperature sensor with a very unique feature. It...

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The RC Series Variable Speed Drives (VSD) provides electronic power control on most single phase resistive and inductive...

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