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The EasyIO FW14 WIFI Sedona DDC BMS Controller includes 14 x I/O. 8 x Universal Inputs, 2 x Relay Outputs, 6 x Universal Ouputs. Universal Inputs include: Resistive, Digital and Voltage. Universal Outputs include: Voltage.

The FW is a high performance, programmable, Wi-Fi Sedona controller. The FW14 is a perfect fit for markets such as schools and retail, either standalone or extended IO for the F-series controllers.

It’s ideal for all kind of applications such as fan coil units (FCU’s), air handling units (AHU’s), room and stand-alone applications, featuring SOX, HMTL5 dashboard, TCOM, FGP2P and BACnet communication protocols.

It has BACnet IP server/client, BACnet MSTP client (only) (combination of up to five devices total) and two Ethernet ports for daisy chain IP communication wiring.

The controller is compatible with the full range of EasyIO devices from the FG series, FS series FW series, FR series and N4 Niagara platform.